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Jennifer Guzmán

Executive Director


Kathleen Greiwe

Program Director

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Tonia Frederick

Family Outreach Coordinator

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Jessica Burkman

Founding Director

Compass International Family Center Board

Something that makes Compass unique is that we are largely volunteer run. Thankfully, we welcome many retired, current, and future teachers as helpers. We even enjoy the support of many retired and current Valparaiso University professors. Some of our volunteers have been working with our families since the very beginning, which means they've known some of our young elementary school students since they were born! Compass is guided by a dedicated team of Board Members who brainstorm when challenges arise, seek to raise funds, and plan to see Compass thrive for years to come.


Compass Board Members (pictured above left to right) Charles Nathan, Sue Martz, Enrique Guzman, Becky Shelton (Board President) and Peter Von Tobel.

“Life brings people everywhere, and everywhere is better when people are welcome. Compass is an educational family center for international people, and everyone is welcome. It is a calling to be part of Compass.”

Enrique Guzman, Compass Board Member

“Compass welcomes and creates a warm, hospitable community for internationals who are new to Northwest Indiana. As a person of faith, it's important for me to serve others and Compass provides a practical, hands-on opportunity to transform theory into practice, creed into deed, and intentions into actions.”

Charles R. Nathan, Compass Board Member

“Volunteering with Compass has given me some meaningful friendships and opportunities to serve our families by offering food, new clothing, and transportation. It has been encouraging to watch other nonprofits, like First Fruits Gives and Dressed for School, come along side us to help our families.”

Sue Martz, Compass Board Member & Volunteer