Compass Executive Director, Jessica Burkman Jessica began her journey with Compass families as an original volunteer for Gloria Dei’s tutoring program. She has stayed the course with our original families all these years, and helped Compass develop into the organization it is today.

  • In 2007, Gloria Dei Hispanic Mission and the Northwest Indiana Lutheran Hispanic Mission Society started up a variety of classes to serve the local Hispanic community.
  • In 2011, all of the classes were combined, forming whole-family evening programming, and the name Compass was adopted.
  • When the individual classes first began, we welcomed less than 15 students and volunteers. Today, we welcome approximately 100 participants of all ages in a given week. We also welcome more than 50 talented volunteers on an annual basis.
  • While our original emphasis was caring for local Hispanic immigrants, we’ve expanded and supported the needs of local immigrants, refugees, and international student families from almost 35 different countries, speaking more than 15 different languages.
  • In 2017, we became our own nonprofit organization.