Equipping International Neighbors to Navigate New Beginnings

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-7:00 p.m.

We offer the following free services:

Adult English Learner classes, Citizenship classes, K-12 student tutoring, Preschool English Learner classes, and childcare for children of our adult participants.

Compass is a whole family education organization for Porter County’s international neighbors. There is a class for everyone ranging from babies to retired friends. All of our classes are taught by trained and dedicated volunteers. There are several Valparaiso University professors, retired teachers, current teachers, and future teachers working to make Compass a fantastic place to grow and learn!

We are located at Calvary Church

1325 Evans Ave.

Valparaiso, IN 46383

We look forward to learning with you!

Participant Digital Flyer (English) Compass IFC 2021 (1)
Participant Digital Flyer (Spanish) Compass IFC 2021


In addition to our volunteers from the community and from many churches in the area, Compass has also welcomed hundreds of amazing Valparaiso University student volunteers over the past decade. A group of students used Compass as the focus of their marketing final project. They made an amazing video that helps share ways that Compass is impacting our diverse group of students. Take a moment and watch their outstanding work!


Final 2021 Compass IFC Volunteer Recruitment Flyer
Compass IFC 2021 Business Card


Compass has significantly impacted my life. I just hope that our efforts as volunteers have given as much to the kids as they have given to us. I have been volunteering since my sophomore year and going to the program is always the highlight of my week. This is because of all of the amazing people there that are united for the same great cause. I believe that this program is excellent for the Valparaiso University students to not only advance in their studies, but to also excite the kids about finding a profession and stress the importance of diligent study habits in order to be well-prepared for the future. The most beautiful thing is that, throughout the time that I have been there, I have truly seen this become a reality.

Alissa Fiorentino, Valparaiso University Graduate

Compass makes me proud and work hard for four years. It’s a really fun school. I hope more people join us, because it is fun and I love my tutor. I see that I have improved a lot in reading. I also have made A LOT of friends here. I think kids should go here.

Elementary School Student from Kurdistan

I came to Compass since last winter. It is very helpful for me and for my kids too. I learned English from this Compass and want to mention about all the volunteers. They are friendly and very kind with us. I never forget them.

Parent & Participant from China

I am so happy that my two children and I participate at the Compass Program. I am also happy that Compass is offering English classes for adults. Since I do not speak English well yet, it makes it hard for me to help my children with homework. I can tell a difference in my kids when they do not come to the program. They get easily frustrated and their grades suffer. They get better comments from their teachers after attending Compass and enjoy school so much more!

Parent & Adult English Student from Mexico (Translated)

Doing homework on tutoring nights with my tutor is my favorite school night of the week. The tutors are very helpful and make learning so much more fun. My parents do not speak English, so coming to tutoring is important to me. It gives me a place where adults can help me with my school work in English, like my teachers speak.

9th grader at Valparaiso High School